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Undergraduate Studies:

Why Study Mathematics / Physics?

If you are finishing high school  and thinking for a mathematics majors and physics major oriented undergraduate program, you have reached the right place. In the current world, majority of decisions are made based on data driven methods, which needs excellent knowledge of mathematical or physical skills. The mathematical and physical skills are very much essential to improve your knowledge in any discipline such as engineering, business, science, etc. Now there are four  majors in our school, including Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Applied Physics, Science experiment class. Moreover, the students can apply for entering "Kun Huang Class" and "Sihe Min Elite Program" after grade two or three.

Why Study at School of Mathematics and Physics of University of Science and Technology Beijing ?

Our school has more than 130 expert faculty members in mathematics,  physics  and mechanics engaged in applied and theoretical research, offering you a variety of programs leading to an undergraduate degree that enables you to get a respectful job in the current market.

During your undergraduate program you will get opportunities to do research / project work with some of our leading faculty members. This will enable you to understand and gain hands on experience on the practical application of mathematics and physics in different disciplines. Moreover,  you have many chances to go abroad to be a exchange student. In 2015 our university signs  a cooperation agreement with the University of Dundee, Swansea University, Irish merek University, University of Queensland in Australia, Uuniversity of Illinois at Chicago, Wayne state University in the United States and carries out international joint training  "3+1 +1" program. We also carries out international joint training 2+2 program with University of Waterloo in 2015.

Graduate Studies in Mathematics / Physics/Mechanics

Why Study at School of Mathematics and Physics of University of Science and Technology Beijing ?

If you are finishing an undergraduate program in mathematics, physics and mechanics, even other majors  and searching for a quality mathematics, physics and mechanics graduate program, your right choice is the School of Mathematics and Physics of University of Science and Technology Beijing. We have more than 130 dedicated faculty members who are expert in different fields of Mathematics / Physics and Mechanics. Our faculty members are engaged in continuous research, published significant research papers in leading journals and obtained large amount of research grants to support their research. Your graduate studies at School of Mathematics and Physics is centered around on your own choice of subjects and you have wide variety of topics to choose for your research. You will get excellent chance to work with leading well known scholars who are working with potential research problems. We provide an excellent environment for your graduate studies at USTB including first class library and computational facilities.

In short, the graduates in our school have Solid basic knowledge and some of them work in the central and state organs, such as, NDRC, bureau of statistics, the State Intellectual Property Office and so on; some of them work in the important financial institutions, such as, National Development Bank, ICBC, China Construction Bank, KPMG accounting firm, and so on; some of them work in the Well-known IT enterprises including UFSOFT, Sinosoft and ChinaSoft International etc; some of them work in the famous manufacturing enterprises including SMIC, BOE, TBEA, KYKY and BYD etc.  In recent years, the undergraduate study rate has always ranked the top of USTB. Every year, many excellent graduates enter Institute of Physics, Institute of  Nano,  Institute of Semiconductor, Institute of Micro System and Information Technology, as well as Peking University, Tsinghua University,  University of Science and Technology China, Beijing Normal University and East China Normal University to study for a master's degree. Also, some of others go to America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Israel and Japan for further study. The Undergraduate study rate is nearly 60%.